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I am:

Relationship Manager

“ How to read 1000+ fund related documents and news  in under 1 minute? ”


Content Creator

“ How to prioritize millions of social media trends for content ideation? ”


Digital Marketer

"How to plan your next marketing campaign with scientific precision?"


Crisis Manager

"How to detect crises before they go viral?"


Empowering people with A.I. Technology

Bringing people and A.I. closer together

Make A.I. technology your competitive advantage

How can A.I. empower you?

25+ languages

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We offer an NLP engine compatible with over 25+ languages and capable to detect conversational patterns from any amount of conversational data within mere minutes

Information Extraction

Algorithm that extracts relevant information from fact sheets and annual reports into our engine that translates knowledge into impactful decisions.

Data Annotation

Our proprietary data enrichment technology uses a simplified human-to-AI feedback mechanism to generate training data while improving data annotation efficiency.

Financial Virtual Assistant

Wealth & Regulation Tech 

Conversational agent enriched with the latest behavior finance theory to upscale engagement between investment advisors and theirs clients in a more efficient manner

May 2017

Partnered with Lenovo to offer implementation and advisory services

Feb 2019

Published research paper on Natural Language Processing applications for Cantonese language

Sep 2020

Launched, an

AI-Powered social media analytics platform

Founded ThinkCol

A.I. Consultancy Firm

May 2016

Founded to develop Natural Language Processing technology

Dec 2017

Secured funding from Jervois One to develop a Social Monitoring tool

Jan 2020

Secured investment partnerships 

Mar 2021

Why work with us

Proven track record of developing A.I. and Data Annotation Applications

Countries Covered

We are powering a diverse group of individuals across the world to deliver on the promise of creating a society where A.I. and Humans can co-exist to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Industrial Applications


Scalable Languages


Data Points Analyzed

Our global presence...

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