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AI Consultancy

ThinkCol is the leading A.I. consultancy firm in Hong Kong. It specializes in running transformational A.I. programs for Enterprises

Digital Marketing

Hong Kong-based strategy and public relations agency that helps brands manage and connect with customers


Leading Hong Kong Fin-Tech company that provides WealthTech to clients with exceptional flexibility and ease

We are working with our partners who bring their domain expertise to continuously improve our technological prowess

Our Partners

Automating Social Monitoring Servicing with effortless scalability and customization

Delivering algorithms that provide intelligent but personalized wealth management services

Coming Soon

Unearth new trend every hour with scientific precision for multiple industries i.e. F&B, Makeup, Fashion, Health and more...

We are changing minds and shaping industries

Our Products

Multi-functional A.I. Applications

Ecosystem that facilitates the end-to-end development process of AI applications in various data formats: e.g. voice, picture, image, etc.

Decentralize A.I. Ecosystem

Technical infrastructure that enables monitoring and integrating multiple A.I. microservices into one ecosystem

Self-service Virtual Assistant for Fin-Tech

Enables a non-technical team to design and implement virtual agent services for the wealth tech space with less involvement from the development team

Social Trend Prediction

Forecast emerging trend and unknown topics from the social media space based on growth potentials and trend lifecycle

Knowledge Recommendation

Analytics engine that aggregates user profiles within the Wealth Management process for accurate investment behavior predictions

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Dynamic engine that seamlessly adapts to a multitude of languages using NLP applications

We are constantly researching new A.I. technologies to better equip people across industries

Our Research

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