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funds factsheets


news and text sources


investment analysts

Expediate growth by providing summary of alternative data in the financial space

Information Extraction

Extraction & Ingestion of data from multiple source into our engine that translates knowledge into impactful decisions

How do the events of today impact your client’s portfolio?

Predict financial behaviors that are relevant to one’s investment profile?


Automated Assistance

Reduce cost of customer servicing with 24x7 AI powered customer support deployed across multiple channels, helping deliver what customers seek. Taking the load off call centers, email agents and live support for topics like FAQs, service requests and enquiries


Smart Claim Management

Our customer experience with out-of-the-box support for Origination, Claims Processing, Policy Management, Premium Payments, Service Requests and Virtual Agent enables you to best harness the AI to improve your overall customer on-boarding to claim management process.

Financial News Summarization

Market Insight at Your Fingertips

Proactively send market insights that could adversely affect your clients’ investments

Products Inquiries & Performance

Personal Virtual Assistant

Assist clients in searching for information of investment products & track client's portfolios' performance

Translating impactful information into personalized conversations

I am: Relationship Manager

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